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Debt Recovery
Does another business owe you money?
If so, then we can help your business by recovering that money.

Here is how the utilization of our services can benefit your cash flow.

  • It’s a fact that once a third party is involved in pursuing an overdue debt, the debtor pays faster. This also serves to emphasise to your debtors that your business will not tolerate the abuse of your payment terms.
  • “Persistence”, our in-house, system-enforced collections-software allows us to diarize a regular communications schedule with your debtor. Our collection team is focused solely on debt chasing;hence no distractions occur that impede contact with your debtor.
  • In order to optimize your chances of recovery, we ensure a constant evaluation process of the debt. Additional information on your debtor is regularly sourced. We endeavor to obtain mobile numbers, email addresses etc. and also resolve any queries against the debtor’s legal status.
  • Litigation advice: We will advise you candidly of your prospects of success, should you process your claim through the courts. Our aim is to prevent, at all costs, our clients from throwing good money after bad.
  • The effectiveness of our services ensures you an increased cash-flow. The speedy recovery of your debts will also provide you, or your collection team with more time to chase your current debtors.
  • Effective communication: We have structured our communications in a way that suits a rapid collections department. The majority of our communication is made by email, so that you or your team can reply at your convenience. However, we are always here, should you wish to pick up the phone.






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